23-DEC-2018 Sunday

Shree Jenukal Siddeshwara Swamy

Yadhapura,Arsikere Taluke,Hassan District.

Shree Jenukal Siddeshwara Betta is located in yadhapura,Near to Arsikere,hassan district. Here we have a hill(betta)called shree jenukal siddeshwar betta or Jenukal betta.

The God is very strict on cleaness and maintainance over here.there are certain processes which can take place daily.

On the top of the hill you can see the nature of the surrounded area which is full of coconut trees and chained mountains and hills.

This hill contains a many caves which is having there own history and you can see a honey nest's on the big rocks.

Shree Jenukal Siddeshwara Swamy